Pancho’s Keg Kooler™


I like to take my homebrew to college football tailgate parties, picnics, weddings and other social events. Before Pancho’s Keg Kooler™, the only portable keg dispensing device in the market was a jockey box. There are a few issues with the jockey box. You must haul the jockey box and the keg separately. You must completely fill your jockey box with ice. The water must constantly be drained from the jockey box or have the cooler sprout open at all times, making a pool of water and a mess on the floor. If you do not drain the water from the jockey box you risk your beer lines to get frozen. If the pressure is not right, you will only get foam. You must immediately clean your jockey box coil once you get back home, otherwise it will be harder to clean. You need to use highly abrasive cleaners to ensure the inside of the coil is clean, lest you exposed you and your guests to health hazards, or worse, bad tasting beer! When using a jockey box, the keg is not isolated form the environment. If is freeing in your outside event, the beer might freeze too and when hot, you expose your beer to unnecessary heat.

These are the reasons I created Pancho’s Keg Kooler™. I wanted an easy and affordable way to transport my homebrewed beer without too much hassle. With Pancho’s Keg Kooler™, you just need to insert a corny keg full of your favorite beer, connect it to your tap and gas line, add a couple of bags of ice, and it is ready to go. No more double trips to your car, no more concern about frozen lines, no more concern about frozen or overheated beer. No more concern about cleaning coils or using dangerous chemicals. It is time to relax and enjoy your beer at your tailgate or social gathering.

Another attribute of Pancho’s Keg Kooler™ is that with the simplest of modification, Pancho’s Keg Kooler™ can be turned into a mash tun or hot liquor tank. Talking about multitasking!

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FAQs about Pancho’s Keg Kooler™

What type of plastic is used for the liner, and how high a temperature can it withstand for prolonged duration (ie: a 60 minute mash)?

The liner is HDPE. It holds a constant mash temperature for at least two hours.

What's actually included? Is it just the cooler, or the cooler with cup dispenser and tap?

Just the cooler. Pancho’s Keg Kooler™ - Basic, includes beer tap, shank, beer line and QD

Is this 2 coolers that have been fused together in some way? Or was it molded as a 20-gallon cooler?

It was molded. It is the only one of its kind. I designed it to fit a corney keg with enough room to fit a small CO2 cartridge, paintball tank, or up to 2.5 lb. regular CO2 tank.

How do you pressurize the keg? Room for a co2 cartridge? Or an external tank?

There are several choices for connecting gas. You can either use a 16 gram or 74-gram CO2 cartridge, use a paintball CO2 tank up to 20 oz, or a regular CO2 tank up to 2.5 Lb. All these options will fit inside the cooler and you can close the lid, or you can bore a second hole on the back and put a gas line for 5lb and bigger tanks.

Does this come with a tap? If so what kind? How long are the lines? Is there a hole for the gas line?

Pancho’s Keg Kooler – Basic does come with a tap, shank, 3-foot beer line and QD already installed. The 20-gallon water cooler is only the water cooler.

Is there a handle to pick it up?

There are two white handles, one of each side of the container. The container weights about 10 lb. With a full 5-gallon Corney keg, plus two 10 lb bags of ice, it weighs about 50 lb.

Can we the handles lift the weight of a full corny keg plus ice? What sort of testing have you done?

Yes, I have tested two containers the last two months and it can easily handle the weight of a full keg of beer, plus two bags of ice. I found that if you start with a room temperature keg, you need two 10-lb bags of ice. If you start with a cold keg, you only need one. The ice will last two to three days.

Pin lock and ball lock kegs are different sizes - do both fit?

Yes, both pin (Coke, short one) and ball (Pepsi, tall one) corny kegs will fit.

Can you provide the interior dimensions/volume?

The inside is 27.5" tall with a 13.25" diameter. The inside volume is 20 gallons.

What length shank is needed?

The minimum length needed is a 2.5 shank