FAQs about Pancho's Keg Kooler™

What type of plastic is used for the liner, and how high a temperature can it withstand for prolonged duration (ie: a 60 minute mash)?

The liner is HDPE. It holds a constant mash temperature for at least two hours.

What's actually included? Is it just the cooler, or the cooler with cup dispenser and tap?

Just the cooler. Pancho's Keg Kooler™ - Basic, includes beer tap, shank, beer line and QD

Is this 2 coolers that have been fused together in some way? Or was it molded as a 20-gallon cooler?

It was molded. It is the only one of its kind. I designed it to fit a corney keg with enough room to fit a small CO2 cartridge, paintball tank, or up to 2.5 lb. regular CO2 tank.

How do you pressurize the keg? Room for a co2 cartridge? Or an external tank?

There are several choices for connecting gas. You can either use a 16 gram or 74-gram CO2 cartridge, use a paintball CO2 tank up to 20 oz, or a regular CO2 tank up to 2.5 Lb. All these options will fit inside the cooler and you can close the lid, or you can bore a second hole on the back and put a gas line for 5lb and bigger tanks.

Does this come with a tap? If so what kind? How long are the lines? Is there a hole for the gas line?

Pancho's Keg Kooler - Basic does come with a tap, shank, 3-foot beer line and QD already installed. The 20-gallon water cooler is only the water cooler.

Is there a handle to pick it up?

There are two white handles, one of each side of the container. The container weights about 10 lb. With a full 5-gallon Corney keg, plus two 10 lb bags of ice, it weighs about 50 lb.

Can we the handles lift the weight of a full corny keg plus ice? What sort of testing have you done?

Yes, I have tested two containers the last two months and it can easily handle the weight of a full keg of beer, plus two bags of ice. I found that if you start with a room temperature keg, you need two 10-lb bags of ice. If you start with a cold keg, you only need one. The ice will last two to three days.

Pin lock and ball lock kegs are different sizes - do both fit?

Yes, both pin (Coke, short one) and ball (Pepsi, tall one) corny kegs will fit.

Can you provide the interior dimensions/volume?

The inside is 27.5" tall with a 13.25" diameter. The inside volume is 20 gallons.

What length shank is needed?

The minimum length needed is a 2.5 shank