Pancho's Keg Kooler™


I like to take my homebrew to outside social event; tailgate parties, picnics, weddings, or just chillaxing by the pool. I used to use a Jockey Box, but my Jockey Box and I had a stressful relationship. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time it was temperamental, and I had to baby sit the thing to make sure it was dispensing my beer correctly. Most of the time, I had to dispense my beer to my guests to make sure they did not have issues pouring it into their glasses. Also, when I was using a jockey box, the keg was not isolated form the environment. If it was freeing in the outside event, I was worried that the beer got frozen. In the Texas heat, I exposed my beer to unnecessary heat. A final challenge was cleaning the coil or cold plate, I had to immediately clean my jockey box coil once I got back home, otherwise it was harder to clean. I used highly abrasive cleaners to ensure the inside of the coil was clean, lest I exposed me and my guests to health hazards, or worse, bad tasting beer!

I wanted something elegant, affordable, easy to assemble, easy to clean and user friendly. Enter Pancho's Keg Kooler™. I created Pancho's Keg Kooler™ with these characteristics in mind. The only thing I need to do is place the keg inside the Pancho's Keg Kooler™, add a bag of ice, connect it to the beer and gas line, do an initial pressure adjustment, and I'm good to go! I can enjoy the social events with my family and friends while they serve their own beer.

No more double trips to my car, no more baby-sitting, no more concern about frozen or overheated beer. No more concern about cleaning coils or using dangerous chemicals. Now I can relax and enjoy my beer at the tailgate or social gathering.

Pancho's Keg Kooler™ - Deluxe comes with a mini-regulator and couplers so it can be used with a regular CO2 tank, a 16 or 74 gram cartridges, or a Paintball tank. Another attribute of Pancho's Keg Kooler™ is that with the simplest of modification, Pancho's Keg Kooler™ can be turned into a mash tun or hot liquor tank. Talking about multitasking!

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