Choose Our Top-Notch Beer Brewing Ingredients in Texarkana, TX

Use specialty hops and yeast to maximize flavor

Don’t settle for anything ordinary when it comes to your home brew. Pancho's Brewing Lab has specialty hops and grains to enhance unique flavors in your batch of beer.

We carry caramel, black, chocolate, red wheat, crystal and victory grains. Plus, our selection of spices and extracts will help you achieve incredible flavors.

Stop in to Pancho's Brewing Lab to pick up oak chips, flake maze, rye or various malt extracts. Questions? Call 903-306-1771 today to learn more about our selection.

Why choose specialty hops?

Create a flavor of beer that’s all your own with help from Pancho's Brewing Lab. Our highly trained staff will help you pinpoint the specialty hops that are perfect for your recipe. You may consider specialty hops to:

Try dry hop variations
Enhance the bitterness or flavor of the brew
Produce a distinct complementary contrast in flavors

Call 903-306-1771 to place an order for specialty hops in Texarkana, TX. You can also visit our shop for beer brewing ingredients.